Water activities and yachting

For water sports, a wide range of activities are available, including sea fishing aboard a luxury boat, scuba diving, water skiing, surfing and various other sea-based leisure activities.

Types of motor yachts by size

Types of motor yachts by size

There are different options available on the luxury yacht market. To get a better idea of which type of motor yacht would best suit your needs, you can visit prestige-yachts.com/ for instance; a website specialized in motorboats and luxury yachts.

A mega yacht is a boat over 50 meters in length and designed for exceptionally large groups or large families.

A super yacht is a boat over 30 meters in length and so called for two reasons: its size and having a full-time crew.

Luxury motor yachts measure around 24 metres in length and are ideal for families and large groups.

Nautical activities to enjoy while cruising

Nautical activities to enjoy while cruising

Spending your holidays at sea is an opportunity to discover sumptuous landscapes and to enjoy the most beautiful beaches, but it is also the possibility to have fun in the water thanks to the numerous water activities to be done on a cruise.

Leave your sailboat for a few hours and go kayaking to discover the small rivers and beaches around.

You can take advantage of your cruise to walk in their footsteps or use your paddle to move around.

Cruising activity par excellence, sea fishing will not only relax you, but also have fun! Find out which member of your crew is the best fisherman.

Snorkeling: a snorkel and a swimfins

On a cruise, there is nothing like diving head first into the turquoise water for a wonderful snorkeling session. Discover underwater gardens and coral reefs that are home to a rich and colourful fauna and flora. Swim amongst corals, turtles, sponges, rays and starfish, as well as parrotfish, surgeon fish and butterflies.

The towed buoy

The towed buoy: a moment of relaxation

The towed buoy is the right activity for all your family members or friends. You can adapt the speed of the boat according to the desired sensations and all you have to do is hold on to the buoy. To have fun on a towed buoy, you can rent any type of boat. However, we recommend that you rent an inboard or semi-rigid boat.

Sports activities

Sports activities that are good for the body and good for the mind

Balanced diet

Balanced diet: what you will be offered on board is balanced

Meetings and exchanges to stimulate our social life

Creating memories

Creating memories: overcoming life’s challenges


Treat yourself with a healthy cruise

Do health cruises really do good? Are they for all ages? What activities are available? So many questions that you may ask yourself before booking, and which we answer here. According to a famous Tibetan proverb, “travel is a return to the essentials”. So imagine when it is centered on your well-being, on your body, on your mind, on your very essence.
And when you are also in a magical setting as magical as a cruise with stopovers, each one more sublime than the last, there is no doubt that you are putting all the chances on your side to make your health cruise a real cure!

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