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From snorkeling to scuba diving

Contemplating the ocean floor with flippers, mask and snorkel is accessible to all. However, the practice of scuba diving is much more technical and requires some training to be able to discover the depths of the oceans safely… Discover the…

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Discovering scuba diving

A change of scenery, calm, plenitude and freedom, that’s how one could describe scuba diving. Do the depths call you already? Discover this atypical sport. Far away from the hustle and bustle of a team sport, not physically demanding, diving…

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Safety rules for scuba diving

Are you snorkeling and want to take the next step by trying scuba diving? This evolution requires above all a good training. Here are the various tips to make diving in complete safety. Protect yourself from the dangers of scuba…

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A dive cruise or Liveaboard, what’s that?

Who has never dreamed of embarking on a magnificent boat to practice his favorite activity? Today, we are going to focus on a very special type of travel that appeals to many people and is practiced on all the seas…

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Focus on the activities available on a cruise

Are you planning to or have already booked your cruise but you are not sure what to expect and are wondering what you will be able to do while you are on the ship? Don’t worry, the vast majority of…

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