Spending your holidays at sea is the opportunity to discover sumptuous landscapes and to enjoy the most beautiful beaches, but it is also the possibility to have fun in the water thanks to the numerous water activities to be done on a cruise. Kayak, paddle, snorkeling but also jet-ski and other entertainment await you! The choices are numerous and each activity brings its moment of happiness. Most of our boats carry several of these items, perfect for spending moments of aquatic happiness between young and old.

Water activities to do on a cruise available on board


Leave your sailboat for a few hours and go kayaking to discover the small rivers and beaches around. Available on most of our sailboats, kayaking is for example the best way to explore the magnificent mangroves of Cayo Campos in the Canarreos archipelago in Cuba or Langkawi in Malaysia whose limestone cliffs plunge into the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea and the mangrove forest. Even better, going on a kayak excursion allows you to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, without making any noise and thus live an extraordinary experience!

The paddle

The practice of stand-up Paddle has developed considerably in recent years, thanks to its simplicity of use and the pleasure that this nautical activity gives to all sailors, from 7 to 77 years old. Also available on board, this ancestor of modern surfing was practiced by the Polynesian kings who used huge wooden boards to move around on the calm waters of the lagoons. Then the activity was popularized in the 50s by the famous Hawaiian swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku and his band of friends, the first Beach Boys! Take advantage of your cruise in Tahiti to follow in their footsteps or use your paddle to move around when you anchor in calm waters, such as in the magnificent Adriano port in Majorca.


Cruising activity par excellence, sea fishing will not only relax you, but also have fun! Take advantage of the fishing rods available aboard some of our boats (on request) to make the most of the sailing time between two stopovers. Young and old alike will take advantage of these privileged moments to find out which member of your crew is the best fisherman. As a nice little bonus, you will have fresh fish for dinner! From the fishy waters of Southern Brittany to those of the Caribbean, let yourself be tempted by the challenge.


On a cruise, there is nothing like diving head first into the turquoise water for a wonderful snorkeling session. Discover underwater gardens and coral reefs that are home to a rich and colourful fauna and flora. Swim amongst corals, turtles, sponges, rays and starfish, as well as parrotfish, surgeon fish and butterflies. All our bases are located close to numerous snorkeling spots such as in Saint Lucia, a true jewel of the Caribbean, renowned for the exceptional quality of its seabed.

The nautical activities to be done on a cruise available on land.


For the adventurers of deeper waters, take advantage of your cruise to embark on the many adventures offered by local dive clubs. Dive in the heart of exceptional underwater landscapes accompanied by turtles and other colourful aquatic animals. Some destinations will lead you to extraordinary underwater discoveries such as the Grotta Azzurra in Capri, the sunken city of Baia, this "Italian Atlantis" or even Malta's famous diving spots such as the Blue Hole of Gozo, the Fungus Rock or the wreck of the oil tanker Um El Faroud.


More technical than the Paddle, surfing on a cruise allows you to enjoy the Ocean in a much more... sporty way! All around the globe, you will find surfing spots with incredible waves for guaranteed thrills! Not only can you surf in the warm waters of Australia, Tahiti, Costa Rica and many other famous spots, but did you know that you can also surf in the Mediterranean Sea as well as in Mallorca?

Jet Skiing

Speed lovers, your favourite aquatic activity will most likely be jet-skiing. Get on your water scooter and enjoy another form of freedom. Alone or in pairs, enjoy the adrenaline rush and try not to turn around! Côte d'Azur, Martinique, Thailand... You can jet-ski on all the seas of the world, in perimeters delimited for everyone's safety.