Luxury cruises: what do they have to offer for you?

Do you dream of treating yourself to an exceptional trip aboard a large beautifully designed cruise ship? Check PRESTIGE for instance for more about yacht designs and discover what luxury cruises have to offer to you.


Are you planning to spend an exotic but quiet holiday? Luxury cruise companies have the advantage of owning smaller boats with fewer passengers, but for your greatest pleasure. The density of cruise passengers is much lower.

An exceptional cabin

These prestigious cruises guarantee you a unique and incredible travel experience. Your cabin is equipped with everything you need, the bedding is of very high quality and you can enjoy the view of the open sea with a porthole or a private balcony.

An excellent catering service

Travelling yes, but taste buds count too. On exceptional cruises you will enjoy the best gastronomic service. Every day, discover and savour dishes that are each more refined than the next.

Fabulous excursions

Going to the other side of the world aboard a superb cruise ship also means living magnificent experiences during your sightseeing excursions! Rest, relaxation, authentic experiences... Luxury cruises have a little something that makes the difference! Book your next vacation now on our cruise travel agency website.

Exotic and tropical travel destinations

Experience the Caribbean

Experience a warm winter with a sunny getaway on a Caribbean cruise. These offer both relaxing sessions on heavenly beaches and choice cultural destinations that aren't yet overwhelmed by crowds. It's an opportunity to discover new landscapes, new horizons but also pearls like the island of Barbados, which is the starting and arrival point of some of their cruises. Finally, two trips offer the possibility to cross the Panama Canal with a stop in the new port of the radiant Panama City, the multicultural capital of Central America.

Explore South America

What if winter could mean discovering the beauty of the Brazilian coast or exploring the most exotic regions of South America? The cruises offered by Oceania Cruises make it possible. Discovering the emerald green bays surrounding the beaches of Porto Belo, the colonial centre of Parati or the cuisine of Rio de Janeiro are just some of the possibilities that these cruises offer. Last but not least, Oceania Cruises even offers to sail through the frozen and silent landscapes of Antarctica.
Top luxury cruise destinations
The three types of cabins on a cruise

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