The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving enthusiasts. Many sites are available, including Banana Reef which is a must see site in the North Male Atoll.

Banana Reef Dive Spot

Banana Reef is a diving spot located in the north of Male Atoll, which is the first to have opened to tourism. This atoll is a pioneer in the field of diving and is certainly the one whose underwater world has been the most explored by divers from all over the world. Because yes, people come here from the 4 corners of the globe to admire the fauna and flora of Banana Reef. From May to November, divers can have the chance to admire manta rays coming to be cleaned, waiting as if they were hovering above the "station".

A bit of history

As its name suggests, Banana Reef is an elongated sec, or high bottom in the shape of a crescent or banana. The Maldives experienced a warming of the sea in 1998 due to El Niño, a climatic phenomenon characterized by abnormally high water temperatures. Prior to this natural disaster, the rocky plain was made up of superb tables of acropora, which are a group of branch-shaped tropical hard corals. Today, the underwater vegetation is most present and the fish are once again faithful to the rendezvous.

The underwater fauna of Banana Reef

A wealth of fish and marine life is present around the reef. Divers will be able to observe the large schools of gregarious gillnets, which are small, laterally compressed fish whose dorsal fin stretches into a long white filament. But also soldier fish, gaterins, napoleons, fusiliers, moray eels or barracudas. There are also sharks, snappers and many other fascinating species swimming in the caves and along the reef wall.

A dive site for everyone

The Banana Reef diving site is accessible all year round and certainly offers the best diving conditions in the Maldives. The depth varies between 4 and 25 meters and this underwater visit is intended for both beginners and experienced divers, depending on the conditions. Indeed, there may be times when the current is stronger and could throw unwary divers against the reef. Don't worry, beginner divers will be able to stay in shallow areas to avoid the current and dive centers are familiar with this spot.

Choosing the Maldives for scuba diving

Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice, each one of you will find his or her own happiness as well as many hidden treasures. Thanks to its proximity and its PADI certified dive center, which is the largest international organization for recreational scuba diving training, the Paradise Island Hotel will be the ideal place for your next trips to Banana Reef. Take advantage of your next stay in the Maldives to live an unforgettable experience and to discover the exceptional seabed.