Who has never dreamed of embarking on a magnificent boat to practice his favorite activity? Today, we are going to focus on a very special type of travel that appeals to many people and is practiced on all the seas of the world, the diving or liveaboard cruises.

What is a diving cruise?

A diving cruise consists of embarking on a yacht, sailing boat or catamaran type vessel for commercial use, specialized in the transport of divers and equipped with cabins. The aim here is not to transport passengers from one port to another, but to offer a tailor-made sea trip with stops at the best diving sites in a geographical area. This market is in high demand because it has many advantages.

Diving cruises: a growing market

Since the development and democratization of scuba diving, lovers of this discipline have sought to travel the seas in search of the best diving websites in the world. In the early and late 1980's and 1990's, dive cruises became one of the most important and lucrative activities of travel specialists in the scuba diving industry. This market includes many players with very large groups with fleets of several dozen boats: Agressor Fleet, Siren Fleet, Dune, starcruisers... but also more modest structures. All these players, spread over about 40 countries, are fighting to offer the best offers, the best services and the best underwater experiences. Diving or liveaboard cruises have a bright future ahead of them.

The advantages of a diving cruise

Discover the best diving spots in a region

The most obvious advantage of a diving trip is to visit remote places, not accessible to conventional diving centers. The most beautiful dive websites in the world, be it in the Red Sea, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Indonesia... are only accessible by diving cruise. You will feel like an adventurer discovering a new diving website while being a real privileged person. You will have the privilege to dive in optimal conditions without any other boat on the horizon. Underwater, you will be alone with your instructor and the dive gear.

Adventuring the seas

Sailing on the water, leaving the land with your eyes closed, provides extraordinary sensations that offer a way to escape from everyday life. Many divers are, in fact, city dwellers and holidays allow them to reconnect with the ocean. In addition, most dive cruise itineraries will take you to areas of breathtaking beauty.

An all-inclusive offer

There is an obvious reason for the success of diving cruises: full board. No need to look for a hotel and restaurants at each stopover, in your dive trip everything is included in the price. If your budget allows it, the cabin will include a bathroom, air conditioning and even a television. The food can vary according to the standing and the destinations. Many cruise professionals make it a point of honour to serve fresh, local produce to make the experience as authentic as possible. Each ship offers comfort and quality of service often equivalent to top-of-the-range hotels. All in all, all in all, if you add it all up, a dive cruise can be a very good investment for your vacation.

Make beautiful encounters

Apart from discovering an extraordinary fauna and flora, a diving cruise is also an opportunity to meet scuba diving enthusiasts. We spend pleasant moments exchanging memories, giving each other good tips and sometimes creating real friendships.