Contemplating the ocean floor with flippers, mask and snorkel is accessible to all. However, the practice of scuba diving is much more technical and requires some training to be able to discover the depths of the oceans safely... Discover the steps!

Getting started in scuba diving: the key steps

During the practice of scuba diving, we must understand a certain number of elements in order to start scuba diving: breathing through the mouth because wearing a mask prevents breathing through the nose, stability in the water, the use of the regulator, indications for more aquatic ease, the use of neoprene wet-suits, swimming underwater with or without fins... These different points also constitute an affinity to water and the marine environment. The elements, which can be frightening to most novices, correspond to everything that surrounds you during your practice, such as algae, plants, rocks... You must therefore take it upon yourself to overcome your fears because these elements are an integral part of this sport.

Going from snorkeler to diver...

Compared to what we have indicated previously, we will see what steps to follow in order to become a scuba diver. The part that is probably the most complicated to grasp is to learn how to manage your balance. Wearing a bottle changes your center of gravity in a significant way. Faced with this situation, manage your breathing level to allow you to regulate your stability. Secondly, knowing the technical aspects of your equipment as well as most of their parameters is quite important. But don't worry, it's not very complicated. Compared to all preconceived ideas, breath management is much more important than the whole technical aspect of this sport.

The reluctance to take up scuba diving...

Many people who practice snorkeling will never pass the baptism of diving. Most often for reasons of time, motivation, price... Indeed, snorkeling is much easier to access and brings more pleasure. Accompanied or alone, no constraint of place or budget, age is not a problem, your corpulence or medical indications are not omnipresent and you can discover new horizons by blossoming. In short, snorkeling allows you to benefit from the best aspects of the underwater world without the different constraints of scuba diving. This article is perfectly illustrated in our society since only 3% of French people have done a first dive while most other people have done, at least once, snorkeling.