Are you planning to or have already booked your cruise but you are not sure what to expect and are wondering what you will be able to do while you are on the ship? Don't worry, the vast majority of ship owners compete in ingenuity to offer you ever more incredible entertainment and there is something for everyone...

The great classics

There are a number of activities or places of entertainment that you can find on almost all ships regardless of the company. In fact, these are activities that cruise passengers are very keen on and that are a must. First of all, you will have the opportunity to attend shows in the theatres present on the ships. Some cruises even offer you the chance to attend original Cirque du Soleil shows! You'll find a daily program of cabaret, circus and musical comedy shows. You can then wiggle your hips in the discos until the end of the night. For gamblers, some ships have casinos, open in the evening, allowing them to indulge their passion. You will find slot machines, blackjack, roulette and poker tables. The sizes of the rooms and the quality of the offer delight the amateurs. Children will not be outdone as there are children's clubs adapted to each age group. Your charming blond heads will be supervised by professional entertainers who will take them on a variety of early-learning or leisure activities. Finally, passengers who wish to stay in shape will have access to huge, perfectly equipped sports halls, basketball courts and a running track around the ships.

Extraordinary activities

But nowadays, companies (such as Royal Caribbean) have embarked on a frantic race to satisfy the most demanding customers. The same goes for onboard activities and there is a small revolution in terms of entertainment. First of all, in terms of entertainment, more and more ships are taking on board troupes of internationally renowned artists. As an example, you will find Cirque Du Soleil on MSC ships. As for the Royal Caribbean company, it offers Broadway musicals such as Chicago or Mamma Mia, as well as ice and water shows. Fans of extreme sports will have a great time, as some ships carry a surf, Formula 1 or freefall simulator. You will also be able to confront the climbing walls present on the great majority of the ships. Younger children will also have their share of thrills thanks to the presence of miniature water parks on more and more ships. They will find pools and vertiginous slides. They will also be able to ride a bumper car or enjoy the latest video game consoles. This non-exhaustive list of activities present on cruise ships shows that you won't see time go by. You'll have as much fun discovering the ships as you will have exploring the cities you'll be visiting. Each shipping company has its own particularity and seeks to set itself apart from the competition.